-$7.50 US Royalty Withholding Tax for Morocco

Hello guys,
I’ve just uploaded my new item on codecanyon, and someone purchases it from the USA, and I get -7.50 US for Royalty Withholding !!!!!, can I Know how is that works? My item price is 29, and I’ve earned only 9$ after subtraction all taxes ??? That’s a joke !!!
I want to know if evanto will return this Withholding Tax after or not ?



Already taken TAX will not return to you. When you will submit the W8 form from then TAX will be reduced to 10% based on your country Morocco.

You can check US Tax Treaties:


@mgscoder Thanks for your reply, I’ve already submit the W8 form when I’ve create my account the first time, But the withholding Tax still -30% ? why ?

Hi @Laraxio

Please ca you check your settings page => Tax Information
Can you see there anything related to:
You successfully submitted your tax information on …(Date)?


Hi @mgscoder
Yes, here is the message

You successfully submitted your tax information on 01 Mar 2018 12:54:47 UTC.

Your tax information will expire on 1st January 2022. Please re-submit your form before expiry.

If you wish to update these details, please re-submit the form below.


Then I will say definitely something wrong with your submission.
Have you provided your Country TAX id as a Foreign TAX id when you submitted the form? Please remember have you submitted all information asked in the form. If not then please submit the form again. Or Contact Support soon.


Hi, I didn’t submit my tax id, How can I find the tax ID ?

You have to collect it from your country Government. You can discuss with your Lawyer about it. Thanks

Closing this thread as it is not a good idea for anyone excpet appropriate lawyers to discuss or provide tax or legal advice.

You can email taxinfo@envato.com if you need to discuss it further.

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