670+ Sales

670+ sales for now.
Hope to find a way to increase sales next year! :wink:


Nice work @Xylote. Have a great 2017!!

Congratulation. In my case. I used all of my social ways : facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube …for self-promotion.

Thank you @MidnightSnap. You too!

I used all the social profiles and my website…

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Nice work Congratulations @Xylote

Congratulation @Xylote :tada: Good luck for more sales :wink:

Congratulation !!! wish quickly 6700 sales)))

But why 670 ??? instead of 600 or 700 …

I realized … the next topic will sound like - (Ha Haaa !!! incredibly !!! 671 Sale !!!)

PS/ No offense is a joke)))

Actually, the original title was 666+ sales, I’ve change it at the last minute :slight_smile:

Congratulations! @Xylote :+1:

Congratulations :wink:

Congrats @Xylote :tada: