6699 Ranking for sales on Envato Market



Thanks for our customer who buy our items and thank for Envato team.

Our account rank 6699 for sales on Envato Market http://take.ms/Bm6RY. I wish i can capture time when our rank is 6969 :smiley:


2082nd bang! http://imgur.com/Palyc8v


nice number https://monosnap.com/file/6HxccgKegNvCWj7ODdIuLhavvCs9bQ#


personaly I like 666 but it’s impossible for any new author to get on that position


Every author was new author at some point, just so you know.

And congratulations for the OP. Keep it up.


Yes, but market changes, industry changes … right now it’s impossible with review queue 50-60 days + 20 soft rejects and number of authors…this will take about 10 years or more with every product as bestseller and handpicked on first site.


I know it changes, it didn’t start changing recently, it has been changing since the beginning, and it’ll keep changing forever. So what matters is that you adapt to the current standards and don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll get there very soon, and it’s gonna pay off the time and effort you put into it.

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