6 Years, 9145 sales and...Elite Author since today! :D

When i began it was just a game, 6 years later is a real job…thanks @Envato
And thanks all the people that bought and liked what my templates… i’m truly happy today! :smiley:


Nice to meet…And your amazing journey just inspired me to do better. I am new here and two times hard rejected for the quality guideline for the graphic river. It’s tough for me to find the fault and get feedback about where I need to improve. Do you know any board that can help an author to judge the quality standard before submitting an asset?

Congrats @paolo6180! :tada: :slight_smile:

Well done, congratulations, @paolo6180! Keep it up!

Can you be my mentor or just help me start plz, I’m desperate … just today I got a rejection of an item the words was tough to read and it made me have doubts about the things I love to do, I don’t know if I did something wrong or I just suck and i’m not that good because my portfolio is still blanc. plz help or just tell me how you started

Congratulations. You can make it happen. :grinning: