6 Time I Theam Upload but all time Application Rejected Region for Statndrd Quality

Application Rejected Region for Statndrd Quality
Plase Review This problems

If you want to get feedback on your item then post here your item demo.
Expert author will give you feedback.

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Thanks For Replay
Please check the demo url : http://code.topjankari.com/comesoon1/index.html

The problem is the desing, please look on the marketplace and check other similar approved project you will notice that yoru design is outdated.

There are many designers here on the forum that can help you with this.

Please Understand The Market And Try To Upload A New Item With A Partnership With PSD. Please Compare Your Product With New Products Releasing In The Market.

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It’s not only the design:

  • any new coming soon template has to bring something pretty special and original to compete.

  • needs more premium features and functionality

  • your form doesn’t work properly

FYI based on how simple this is then I can’t imagine a huge amount has been altered over 6 resubmission? If you get hard rejected then resubmitting something similar is a good way to have your account blocked