$6,500 in cash prizes for your best blog posts!

Dear admin and all,

For new affiliate-competition, we need to write a post for promotion.

I have a few questions

  1. Can I publish in forums, other creative platforms, freelance worker platforms? Must also have their own website?
  2. Regarding the language part, must it be “English”? Can I promote in Chinese or other languages?
  3. Search engine is Google.com as an indicator? Please provide a how to test method? Because Google itself will be based on the region, population, geography and language will become the algorithm, the search results change

Thank you so much.


Where on Earth did you find that?! Strange there’s been no official announcement about it that I can find!

But anyway, to answer your questions until the affiliate team respond (which will probably be tomorrow now)…

  1. Needs to be a blog post. So although you can post links to the blog post in forums, other creative platforms and freelance worker platforms, they’d be unlikely to qualify as being ‘a blog post’. Like if you wrote up your post here, and posted it in the Envato forum… that’s not a blog post. However, there are plenty of free blogging sites out there that don’t require you to have your own website.

  2. There’s nothing in the rules that say your post needs to be in English, so unless we get clarification to the contrary, writing your post in Chinese is fine. However, keep in mind that the majority of people judging the contest will probably have English as a first language. Well, a strange version of English. I’m going to assume that very few, if any, of the judges will be able to read Chinese. That means they’re probably going to have to judge your entry using Google Translate… and a lot may be lost in the translation. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. It says search results in the US, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to test unless you have some kind of VPN based in the US… or there’s some way to test results from different locations that I don’t know about.

Keep in mind my answers are based on an interpretation of the information provided, and may vary from the official answers you’ll probably get at some point.


This link is automatically updated every month, the content should be pre-planned official.

Thanks for your detailed reply, so in the end, we can only do our best to finish an essay, but it is hard to assess the effectiveness.

You’ll know it was extremely effective if you have an extra $2000 in your account by the 11th of June!

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I completely forgot to enter before I realised it was too late :frowning:

Next time!

any update on the winners?