5th Soft Rejection in HTML Template

Hello Everyone,
I need help with a soft rejected HTML Template :
here is the message of rejection from the reviewer :

1. MAIN IMAGE: The main preview needs to be 590px * 300px. I also needs to be prefixed with 01_ (e.g. 01_preview.jpg).

You can provide additional preview images and they must be in JPG format. All images must be named in the order that you want them to appear: e.g. 01_preview.jpg (main preview), 02_home.jpg, 03_about.jpg."

2. Please resolve spelling errors and improve preview image quality

Your help is so much appreciated :slight_smile:


1 This is called Main Images make this image wide 590px and height 300px
2 There is an sleeping error solved that and increase you main image resolution.


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