503 server is busy

I am having an issue with my theme here https://themes.webdesign-flash.ro/acora/

I keep getting 503 - the server is busy…

I contacted hosting and they say there is no server error so it is something related to WordPress.

What is going on?

Hello @FWDesign

You can upload backup and check. You can also ask to author

How to contact an author


I am the author and it is my theme I am asking if there is some setting in WordPress to change to fix this since the hosting guy is saying that is not a server issue.

There is no singular thing that will cause this. You (or someone else) will need to track down where the error is originating from, and why. It might end up being difficult, because a 503 error is pretty rare to see coming from PHP.

Did you recently update to WordPress 6.2 by chance? Because a lot of themes are having memory issues due to a core change in that update. Start by enabling WP_DEBUG and see if that changes anything. See if you can reproduce locally as well.

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I can’t replicate the issue locally on a virtual server and debugging is set to true.

Disable the plugins and check if the issue persists. If the problem persists, change the theme to WordPress default. If you’re still seeing the same issue, it’s server issue.

PS: There supposed to be another error-log on the server, you may need to check it to find the problem.

Is your local installation running WordPress 6.2? Your wp-admin backend seems to be affected too, which is consistent with memory exhaustion (infinite loop) issues seen in other themes after the latest WordPress update. This could subsequently trigger a 503 error depending on how your host configured PHP.

I’m not saying that’s your issue, but it’s a decent guess.

Yes it is WordPress 6.2…

There are no errors in the code I have checked it time and time again…

If there is .htaccess file you can rename it and check

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It seems that is working fine now…

Yes, I do have .htaccess file.

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Glad to here that

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