5000 - What a number!



Reached this personal milestone of 5000 Sales. Thank you to everybody in this community!
When I started some years ago it seemed so unachievable. In my case Work and Patience pays off!



Many Congrats @visconbiz !!! :tada:


congratulations for 5000 sales! @visconbiz


Congrats! Very great achievement! :+1: :tada: :champagne: :slight_smile:


Thats big. Congratulation @visconbiz :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


It’s inspired story. Congratulation man.


Thanks a lot for the kind words! @WildLion_Production @PROFIVE @LuckyBlackCat @janxcode_team @LongXmusic


:star2: ∞ Congratulations! :star2:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: @ArashDarehshouri