5000+ ref but no sale




I ref more then 5000 users to envato but not sales for fab can anyone let me know why is that.


Did the referrals think that they will reach a page where they could download the assets for free? If yes, it is highly unlikely for someone to pay for something if they thought it was free.


NO we dont say its free … we use “More Info” in button as text


Use Google Adsene - you get payd for 1000views + click

You are going to be payed only if the user doesn’t already have an account and is 100% unique.


totally makes no sense… if you ref 5000 user you would be level 8 affiliate and not level 2
without seeing what and how you refer people we can’t help you here.


@krafti in stats it show that 5000+ people click on the links but didn’t buy anything from envato

envato dont provide full states like from where people are coming from and which item they click on … it just says 5000+ click on your ref links.


hey, ah i see clickthroughs… thats what i thought. yes envato is hiding the stats for their reasons… but what is more interesting here to know is how and where you promote or share envato items and links. probably some common mistakes or misunderstandings involved here.


I have changed button text from “More Info” to “Buy Now” now hoping for best :slightly_smiling:

you can see here and your feedbeck is welcome so i can meake it better :slightly_smiling: