500 sales! Hiphop isn't dead!


Today is a good day! I’ve reached 500 sales! Three years ago I thought to myself: let’s give it a shot. I had lots of hobby-made oldschool hiphop tracks laying around, and decided to upload some of them. Back then I figured this would be such a small niche that I did not expect to sell that much. But apparently people seem to like it enough and now I’m at 500 sales! I know I’ll probably never reach elite status in a niche segment like this but I don’t care! Just doing what I love and seeing that succeed to this extent is enough for me!

Thanks to all the buyers that purchased my tracks, thanks to all the authors that helped and supported me through the years, and thanks to Envato for accepting my music!

Cheers to you all!



Congrats! That’s great to hear. You never know. Keep at it and you might make Elite some day!

I have no doubt that Elite is possible to reach. It just takes hard work and a smudge of luck.


Congratulations mate. Your tracks are fresh and good.


A great achievement in my opinion :wink: :sunny:


Congratulation @Flowsopher :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:


Congrats!:thumbsup:! Glad to see niche authors (not only mainstream trends ones) have steady growing success, Keep it up!

Waiting news from your alter-ego :slight_smile:


Hey @Ladanauskas, the alter ego is dead! so Flowsopher has my full focus again! :wink:


Ah, Ok. It perhaps makes sense to not split the efforts. Or you will use the current brand for both genres?


Congratulations @Flowsopher! Nothing wrong with niche. Obviously your passion and expertise makes a positive impact for you :thumbsup:


Congrats @Flowsopher, really nice achievement with hiphop tracks, really amazing. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


So happy for you, FLOW!:tada:
Trust me i do this hip hop thing in here too and it was hard the first 2 years, but things is looking bright!
Plus i truly hope that Envato will finally shine a light on us authors, who do no rely on corporate inspiration that much! :smirk:
Wish you 5 times 500 in the future, bro!


Congratulations, the key is the niche…


@Flowsopher Good achievement … Congratulation :tada:


Great to see you’re selling Hip Hop on this particular market. To break the rules of tendencies and make your own thing well enough to sell, has the merit.


It’s great! Congrats!)
Keep it up=)


Congratulations, I wish you many sales :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!


Congrats !


And I would wish 500 more! :smile:


Great music! keep up!