500 Friends!

It’s cool that I have 500 followers! Thank you for that! I hope you’re real! :slight_smile:
I’m currently working as a DJ at the ice Palace. ( And also I play drums in two musical groups, more than 4 years ). I’ve been working on new tracks for a year, and now there’s a pause - because there’s not enough time to create new items, due to lack of money. But I, be looking for all sorts of ways to get back into the music again!
Probably, the pseudonym still plays a role in the life of creative people, and for me the sound becomes a sport :smile: Thank you for reading my little story, and thank you for following me! That’s cool!


This deserves a big party!! :smiley::beer::beer::beer:

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Thank you @audiolfiles! :slight_smile: I’ve already bought a whisky and I’m going to celebrate! :beers: