50 sales ! I love round figures...



Today i have 50 sales !

It takes a little over two months.
I’m very happy ; I love round figures :slight_smile:

Thank you so much envato :tada:



Good news, keep moving on, @AudioPuppet!


Thx @rgba_design
Have a good day :christmas_tree:


Yay! Congratulations @AudioPuppet :smiley_cat: :+1:


Thx my dear @WildKittyTunes :grin:
Have a good day :christmas_tree:


Gongrats, keep moving on, @AudioPuppet!


Thank you @WildLion_Production
I am a small player compared with you :wink:

Have a good day :christmas_tree:


Congratulations :wink:


Thx a lot @MyMusicID

Have a good day !


Congrtulations @AudioPuppet :tada: Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:


Nice work AudioPuppet! If you keep doing what you’re doing, then very soon you’ll be enjoying round and big figures too :wink:


Ohhh ! Thank you very much @MidnightSnap
I’m touched :slight_smile:
I’m going to try to continue with the same rhythm (and quality)

Have a good day :christmas_tree:


:sunglasses: Congratulations @AudioPuppet!! 100 sales just around the corner!


hahaha. Thank you very much @NisusPrideMusic
I’m prepared to be patient for next round number… :wink:

Have a good day :christmas_tree:


the way to go! congrats buddy :wink:


Nice pace! Congrats and wish you much more :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @PurpleFogSound
645 !!! There’s still a long way for me… :slight_smile:

Have a good day :christmas_tree:


Hey, thx Buddy :sunglasses:
826 sales !!! I’m a little gamer… :wink:

Have a good day :christmas_tree:



I hope (and I’m pretty sure) you’ll get to that number much faster than I did :wink:


I really appreciate your message :slight_smile:
We’ll see what’s gonna happen in the future…