50 Sales for about 50 days!


Hello brothers and sisters.
I’ve reached 50 for about 50 days!
Feels good to be part of this community!
Thank you all for your friendly support from fellow members,buyers and the envato staff.
Here is my portfolio

Hugs from,


You got a very good Sales!


Thanks bro , so do you!


well done ! I’m having the opposite experience of 4/5 rejected after 20 days waiting.


Wow! Great :grinning:


Keep working bro.
Add description to the reviewer sometimes we need to explain what our track is ment for. Good luck bro.


Thanks brother. All the best 2u


Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it


Nothing bro. You will find a lot of friendly people around here. Sometimes when you’re not sure what is wrong with a track ask for feedback on the forum.




Thank you bro.
You too! :slight_smile:




Thanks bro, you too! Great work!


Congrats and keep it up!


Thanks brother. You too. I hope to reach your sales. LOL


A remarkable result! My congratulations!:blush:


Congrats…LostSoundStudio!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks bro. This is also helping to meet great people who support each other. You have a great portfolio my friend. Keep up the good work.




Sallama lan tro bk gibi olmus zaten. RTe olarak bu işe el koyacam…
So good bro, I hope it will go better …:thumbsup: