50 000 sales!



My main idea to get 50 000 sales in videohive.
But i have no sales in last two week. I have 65 items , and more items are usable . But none sales! Whats going on? :frowning:


This the number of sales is very high that you have in mind. You must have patience I do not want to upset you but this the number of sales It’s impossible.


I appreciate that. And i know to earn 50 000 sales i must wait 5-10 years. But , i have no one sales last two week. And this upsets me.


I understand you. facebook and twitter and youtube you can do with advertising on your website or your sales increase.:thumbsup:Good luck :thumbsup:


In videohive I learn… for increase sales you have to upload very very special project or if possible every week you have to upload news projects because new project always help me to increase my old projects sales . Best of luck :wink:


I have noticed that my sales are usually better in the first two weeks of the month, than the last two weeks. Hopefully things will pick up a bit next week!