5 Years! Reach the Elite level!

It’s an amazing world! Thank you, Envato, Thank you all the customers for choosing my projects!

I registered in 2011, when i realized that why don’t i became an author, then i started to make my After effects template, the first project was rejected, and i gave up for a year. :worried:

after a year, in 2012, i try again, it was approved!!! WOW! i can remember what i feel at that time! at the same time,we got another exciting news, my wife was pregnant, all the luck came to me!:grin:

Why took so far to get in this level, because i just uploaded one project in 2015, one project in 2016, but i am so excited, i am back, strongly, i will make more good projects!

Now my baby son is 5 years old, i am an Elite Author, cool, thank you to all! (sorry for the English Level, it seems doesn’t improve at all these years ) :sweat:


Congratulation @osunoo :tada: Good luck for more sales and success :slight_smile: