5 Years - Featured Author!!!



At last it’s come true!
I’ve been waiting a featured author for 5 years! Thanks Envato that you still remember me :slight_smile:
Thanks the AJ’s team for huge work and patience. Especially in this hard time.
I wish for everyone huge number of sales and top tracks.


Congrats, Ane_Novak! That’s great to hear. Enjoy your week of fame! :tada:


Congratulations !


Congratulations and enjoy!


Congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats :-).


Way to go Ane! A wonderful accomplishment for sure. Better 5 years in then never, right? :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Congrats, I have seen you around, I remember your icon/avatar it stands out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for congratulations. I’m glad to be part of this community :slight_smile:


congrats, well done :slight_smile: GL


Congrats…Ane_Novak!!! :slight_smile:


Wow Really nice job Congrats and GLWS :thumbsup: :wink:


Congratulations! wish you best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for kind words :slight_smile:


Congrats :wink:



Must be a great feeling to finally get featured! I wish some day will follow you!


Congrats! Well deserved!



I’m sure that this day will have come for you!


Thanks and enjoy the status! Wish you a great new audience, all the best!


Congrats to you for your work \ o /