5 Items Rejected without reason


I need help, what is the problem with these items, so I get all of them rejected?

PSD Business Template

PSD Business Flyer

PSD Social Media Icons

Designer Business Card

PSD Photography Website


Pic gallery need to improve i think. You see left bottom photo is not suited with other image.


Sorry but with all due respect the reviewer is 100% right on all of these:

In all of them:
Design basics like typography, margins, padding, hierarchy, alignment etc as are all a long long way off
Designs are outdated and lacks premium feel

The website ones need way more to them (once the basics are fixed)

And the PSD Social Media Icons: Looks like a rip off https://dribbble.com/shots/895609-Hexicons


It’s the attention to detail as well. Even if the icons weren’t a rip-off, the spacing between the central icon and the outer border seems to be different on each one… most of them aren’t properly centered.


Well, I think that I’m understand now what’s the problem… Thank you all for giving me your time, and for helping me with these items. So, I think I will start again from the scratch, with new items. :slight_smile: