5 days waiting time for a flyer ? Feels weird

So what’s happening ? You cannot sustain a schedule like this… were the reviewers fired ? What happened ?

So… nobody else is bothered by this ? How am I the only one talking about it ?

11 days here, they must be busy behind the curtains :thinking::wink:

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omg… why though ? I’ve been here for 5 years… the longest time for review was believe it or not 30 days!!! 30!! That means that you can only upload 1 per month… and that was because “we were short on reviewers”… soooo what happened this time ?

You really cannot be motivated to upload here when you can basically upload only 3 per month ? Or a randomise schedule that you (as an author) cannot control… this is simply not productive towards this marketplace and they still don’t see a problem with it ? It just seem really really weird to me and seems they only care about that envato elements thing.

Hello @VectorMedia

You can check average waiting time here: http://quality.market.envato.com/

Thanks :slight_smile:

I did… and i’m disappointed and demoralized but yeah, thanks. I really want a fix… an answer… something, anything…

I genuinely came back after some time on this platform hyped… wanted to do something again… aaaand this stuff again… MEH! As a competitive marketplace this stuff is really downgrading their value as a company. I remember the good ol’ days when you only have to deal with the imagination / inspiration of your own project and that’s that… now you have to worry when you upload an item in regards to their review time… it really is as annoying as it can get.

I’m feeling like in a time bubble talking again about the lack of reviewers and again getting nothing done. Maybe it really is time to forget about envato and move on.

i had my last item accepted after 10 days, but as long as the item is accepted this is worth waiting lol :slight_smile:

11 days waiting, I don’t care if they are busy, they are a multi-million $ company and subsequently should start acting like one, hire more staff. I cant afford to upload 3 flyers a month when on recent posts I’ve read I would guess 2 of those would get hard rejected, so that would be approximately 12 flyers a year making it to market. I use the other platform in the USA, they don’t have a review system it works on “if it’s good enough it will sell”…no-brainer.


Waited 10 days and now I got an another rejected flyer. lol.

Just got reply today after 11 days waiting, guess what " Rejected" and yet I uploaded the very same flyer to my other platform 11 days ago and made 3 sales already…I think I’ll let them concentrate on envato elements and I will carry on uploading to my regular platform.

I totally agree with you, and thank you for actually being honest… one of the few people… I am curious as to what “your platform” is maybe you can message me if you like share some ideas because I really cannot continue on this platform.

I really don’t understand in what parallel universe is it ok to way 10 days for nothing ? Uh ? Come on Niko, I thought you were better than this.

It simply is not mate, mathematically is not, business wise is not… I cannot comprehend how anyone can be ok with this… WEIRD man! weird… Speak people… that’s how you change things.

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as for me i do agree that if it were shorter it would be great but this is often happening that delays increase in the last quarter of the year with more submissions related winter holidays on the way

u know , u are right there were times i was “better than this” but after being suspended and having even bigger problems after running my mouth alone, i think i have had enough troubles at this time , especially as, as u mentioned, i have been much isolated when speaking out, though i was speaking for all authors …

i hope u are right and that we can change things , but most of the time we get crushed before things changed lol

do not lose courage buddy, keep on fighting and doing your best higher grounds are waiting for u :slight_smile:

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