4th paw! Merry Christmas!



Finally made it to level 4 paw just before Christmas! Been a pretty awesome couple of months for sales and was really hoping I would make it to this level before the new year, so thank you soo much to all the buyers and the AJ community :smiley:

Bring on level 5 for next year, this is my new target!


Congratulations! @MarvinBlueProduction :+1:


Congratulations @MarvinBlueProduction and welcome to the 4 Paw club! Have a Happy Holiday and a great 2017 :slight_smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, @MarvinBlueProduction, and good luck in realization of your plans.


Nice!! Congratulations :tada:


Congratulation @MarvinBlueProduction :tada: Good luck for more sales and badges :smile:


Congrats! :champagne: Wish you more sales! :slight_smile:


Got it a few days ago. Congratulation. Merry Christmas.


Great job man! Good luck for 2017!



Congratulations :wink:


Congratulations! @MarvinBlueProduction :+1:


Congratulations! @MarvinBlueProduction :beers::beers:


Thanks for all the support!


This is a good achievement and a gift! Congrats, @MarvinBlueProduction! Merry Christmas too!


Congrats @MarvinBlueProduction :tada: