4K sales for a wordpress theme

Hey guys,

We got 4K sales. That is CRAZY NUMBERS We’ve got for only ‪a wordpress‬ item. A BIG THANKS to our customer who buying and using our ‪‎theme‬. We are super proud of this achievement.

Thanks Envato!!!




congrats Tam

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thanks Jimmy, long time no see. :wink:

Yeah, You got big figures and you dont remember old friends :slight_smile:

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Lol Jimmy, I always remember you. We was just too busy and cannot find time to talk. Ping anytime on skype anyway, have a nice day Jimmy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Congrates :slight_smile:

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Thanks alot.

Wow Congratulations! You guys deserved it…

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Thanks Tam for being a role model

Congratulations on such extraordinary numbers

A great achievement and continue sales


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Amazing, in how much time did you manage to get those sales?

Tell us a little more, what you did etc.

Congrat, bro!!

Good job! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the great milestone. :slight_smile:

Awesome work!! Congrats and Good Luck!!! :+1: :wink:

Congrats! that is great :boom:

Congratulations !

This is what all AJ authors dream about!
Many congrats!
Maybe not all, but the most😉

Thanks lot for celebrating! :heart_eyes:


about your question, We have 2 guys. One work in designs, one work in programming. We take almost time of our life to work on wordpress version. Alot of support everyday, alot of update things from Page Builder, Wordpress etc… So We do design, code, promo, update… etc… The mainly thing We have to do that is what is great for the customers. We should wonder how much we take care of our customer… That’s it.



Very Very nice job you have done, Also it’s really great theme :slight_smile:

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