463.664.982 views for my stock video

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share this with you. I just found out that Fifth Harmony used my background in a lot of shots in their video. Feels successful but weird as well as I don’t grasp the amount of people who watched this.


You should be proud! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Thats crazy Puk, congrats! It would have been nice if you were invited when they shoot the video! :slight_smile: One thought: If you could only get 1% of the viewers to check out your channel! :yum:

Well done I guess :smiley:

Great, congrats!!! This video has successfully mixed all the elements to become a successful video: 1. trendy music 2. (.Y.) 3. stock market ticker!

You should be proud indeed !
Now think of a way to promote this succes yourself (besides this thread) :grinning:

Yeah the 1% idea, thats crazy.
Thanks guys, its not that the video was hard to make or anything, but the idea that it moved from my computer to this clip on such a scale that blows me away.

(and in the meantime the clip has another 200k views…)

That’s AMAZING. Huge congratulations!!

Congrats dude!!! :wink: Enjoy!!! :wink:

Hope they purchased the extended version :slight_smile:

wow thz great congrats :slight_smile:

Cool, congrats!

congratulations :smiley: Happy for you

Thanks guys.

Hi Man congratulations. I wished they at least contacted you somehow and give you a thank you letter or put your username in credits etc. Anyways still should feel great! The reason why so many people watched is I feel because the video itself is boosted with adsense campaigns for easy find. Since companies pay big amounts of money for PR and marketing this is quite normal. Now you should make a webpage and put this clip on your opening page for your own PR and Marketing :slight_smile: Enjoy the ride haha :smile:

Wow! An interesting number!! :smiley:

Just a small update, the video has now been watched 950.501.670 times :scream:

Congrats! :slight_smile: