44 items not available or removed from downloads

44 items not available or removed from downloads so is it wort buying do you think or just waste money because every other place still all the downloads available!

We’ve lost about 10-15% of our (over 1K) purchases.

If you are sensible as to who you buy from then it’s usually ok - also if any of those were images then this may be to do with the changes to Photodune a while back

yes can understand not worth buying anymore and better to buy direct from owners website because otherwise gets deleted here and waste of money.

It’s depends on how you look at it -

If an author stops supporting the item on their own website then there is nothing that can be done.

If they do this (at least in the first 6 months) on envato then you would get a refund

true but when we buy here ; problem with downloads second author dosent update so getting risky l think.