404 Message upon signing up

I placed some items in my cart, created an account, gave my visa # and then promptly got a system glitch 404 error and no idea how to source the items I think I paid for.
First time using this service and so far not a great impression.
I did request help via e-mail but so far no change or resolution or product.

Hey @KellyCaines,

That’s very odd! I’m assuming that the transaction finished processing?

If you let me know the help ticket number, I can follow up for you.

Hi @matthewcoxy, same issue as @KellyCaines here. I placed the item in my cart (Flatsome V3), created an account, gave my cc details and then got a 404 error message. Every time I try to login, I get this 404 error message. Can you please get back to me as I don’t know if the payment went through? Many thanks. Phil

Hey @Philbon, you should open a support ticket right away and follow up here with the ticket number.


Hi @baileyherbert, thanks for your message. Here is the ticket number: 877465.

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Thanks folks, I’ve followed up with the customer success team. I’ll let you know when I know more.

Hi @KellyCaines @Philbon ,

I’m Christian from the Customer Success Leadership Team.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I can see both of your tickets have now been replied to, so you should check your email address for the next steps. If you didn’t receive a reply, just let me know and I’ll be able to resend.

Regarding the 404 messages, this is unusual and not expected. I’ve raised this internally for our team to look into.

Thanks for your patience and understanding :slight_smile: