404 Error on Pic Review Plugins

Greetings! So, I am unsure if this is a theme issue or not. I have the Flatsome theme installed. I tried installing multiple plugins for woocommerce so that people could post pictures to their reviews on products. Each time on both plugins I found, when I tried to test it and upload a picture to the review, I get sent to a 404 error page. This is why I assume it is not a plugin issue and that it is bigger than that. Text reviews work fine. Pictures just won’t. I wasn’t sure if this was a theme issue or another issue. As strange as it sounds, I am having trouble finding support forums for just WordPress and woocommerce. When I go to those sites and try to find support, I seem to just get the run around and suddenly I am deep in links upon links of unhelpful information and I am like, “I just need a ‘chat with human’ button!” Haha. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Note: I only know basic web design and basic coding. Anything too crazy may go straight over my head. :slight_smile:

Thanks muchly!