4000 sales and counting! Big thanks for your trust, dear customers!



:slight_smile: Big thanks for your trust, dear customers! Happy to help your projects with my items!

Thank you to many AudioJunglers around here too! I learn a lot from you! Cheers! :beer:

Also, big thanks to the reviewers! ALL my rejects ( not that I had too many :wink: ) were justified. You helped me a lot to keep my portfolio clean! Big thumbs up! :sunglasses:

And of course, thank you to Envato; to still run a lively royalty free library in 2018! A great proof of continued success! I wish your company a bright future for many other years! :tada:

I don’t have a big story to share, selling here is simply a part of my family’s monthly revenue. I just try to do it to the best I can (with the jerky attention-span I’m stuck with!).

I must add that the knowledge base is quite substantial in this community forum! The amount of information I got from this place was (and still is) very valuable to help me make constant progress. In return, I try to help other authors when I can; up to my capacities (on the forum, but outside of it too). I enjoy doing this and will try to stay active on this side. :slight_smile:

But gradually climbing the ranks and posting regular thoughts about the royalty free world came with an unexpected side-effect, in my case: I had to defend my small business integrity a couple of times this year. Rationally, a friend of mine said to me that these episodes are simply natural occurrences; which often grows proportionally to one’s success. That the best thing I could do with such events, is to treat them as the equivalent of a splinter of wood in a foot. Unpleasant when it happens, but always temporary.

From now on, I’ll follow his advice and take these annoyances for what they are: temporary splinters. They might hurt a bit when they happen, but they won’t stop me to pursue my long hike to see the AudioJungle’s mountain top from a bit closer, at some point in time. :slight_smile:

About this, I’m now ranked at position 247 out of 18 360 authors (in number of items sold). I got there in two years of active presence here and that’s a personal achievement I am quite proud of. My daughter and girlfriend are also pleased to see that things continue to evolve in the right direction (they are the voices behind many of my sound effects and also a big part of the inspiration behind some of my music logos). :heart: :slight_smile:

On the subject, if you sometimes run into inspiration voids, try this free trick: ask your kids for ideas! Or the ones from your family/neighbors… all those little monsters are wellsprings of imagination! :nerd_face: :wink:

I wish good sales, but also a fulfillment feeling to each author here. Good luck for our collective future! :sunglasses:


Congratulations! Keep up the good work :clap::clap::clap:


@ThemeSLR: Thanks a lot! :blush:


:point_right::point_left: Congratulations! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:


@LoopWaves: Thank you! And good luck to you too! :blush:


Big congrats Robotzenot :slight_smile:


Excellent result! You’re doing great to achieve this!


I just can say… :beers: !!


You’re doing great, congrats! :tada:


@lucafrancini: Haha! Thanks! :smile:

( By the way, interesting range of updated prices in your portfolio! Good luck in this new era! :slight_smile: )


@CleanMagicAudio: To be honest, I’m not so sure of my “businessman” skills… 'cause it takes A LOT of sales to make decent cash at the end of a month when going (mostly) by the sound effects way, haha! :smile:


@Manriquedelara: Haha! That’s a good saying, if you ask me! :beers: :sunglasses:


@Ladanauskas: Thank you, friendly colleague! Good luck to you also! :slight_smile:


I will say at once money in life is not the main thing, even if you are a businessman (but I’m crazy about money and I can not live without them) this is my bad habit :laughing:. Look around the around, the progeny, the sun, the sound of the wind, the rocks, the sea is what we need sometimes more than money! Yes, and I always enjoy sales (I forgot to mention, because I love selling, in any weather, and at any time of the year!)! :sunglasses:


Thanks, it’s working smooth so far even in a weak month like August; I’m curious to see what will happen on September when people come back from vacation. :slight_smile:


Great work ! Congrats :slight_smile:


I guess the following months will be more conclusive, but it’s reassuring to hear that it goes smoothly for some authors already. :slight_smile:


Congrats @Nonzerobot , good vibes coming from you in your posts and good results from your work! Best wishes!



Congratulations! Wish you infinity amount of good sales :tada: :tada: :smile:


Congratulations, great number! :slight_smile: