4000 in sales in 12 months!

I didn’t expect this achievement in this short period of time, but I must admit that Envato platform really works. I’m so glad that my items have sales every single month and the trending is going up even when my items were not featured (yet…)

Definitely this inspires me to create new and engaging content.

Thanks to Envato community!


Wow thats great. Congratulations @StudioMob :tada:

Congratulations @StudioMob :tada:

Congratulations, @StudioMob! Keep moving on!

Very cool achievement! Congrats and good luck! :champagne::slight_smile:

Great milestone, Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats! @StudioMob :tada:

Cheers! :beer:

Maybe I’m missing something but you’re profile shows 172 sales, is there some other overview I need to be looking at?

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Congratulation brother.

Congratulation dude)

Hi Pqina,

No all of the sales are regular licenses. There were also some extended
licenses and different items as well. So, no, you’re not missing anything.


As someone else already pointed out, and not to ruin your hooray here, but you are showing as level 3 author with just 173 sales total. Not sure how this adds up to your claim of having sold over 4,000 licenses.

With that many sales, your author level would be much higher than that, and Envato would show that number as total sales for your author as well, as the total number includes all items you ever sold across all Envato marketplaces, even if those items are not actually listed/available anymore.

So something doesn’t add up here … unless this is just some elaborate attempt to gain some attention for your items. :slight_smile:

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Ooh now I see, $4000 in sales :slight_smile: I read 4000 items. Hence my confusion.

It’s $4000 and not 4000 items.

Congratulations :wink:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations Studiomob. =)