400 sales

You know, I was hesitant as to whether I should start a 400 sales reached topic this time. Last time I celebrated getting my 4th paw, and it was in March. Shortly afterwards, I also became a featured author of the week and the thread turned into a double-celebration. All of a sudden, I reached 300 sales total, and it felt like: come on dude, will you run out of achievements already? Compared to that, this new 400 sold items achievement is nothing really special. But that’s just more of an update and…
Well, last time I promised to buy a pair of aviator sunglasses to look more confident and cool, and more like @Dirtyflint. So I did. Really happy with them, btw, so good for cycling and blinding sun, cover the whole view area and I feel almost like Stringfellow Hawke from Airwolf - my childhood dream came true.
I also said I was on the brink of a life changing decision and saving most of my money for that. Looks like it was too late. I’m not spreading the negativity here, just, you know, I’d like to tell you that… if you’re still waiting for the right moment, it may never actually come. And maybe you should create one on your own and do what you always wanted. It not only applies to personal life but to business and studying, etc. I guess, unless you experience the consequences of not being in control of your life and letting things slide hoping for some better outcome, you will never pay as much attention to it as you should.
Four hundred sales and counting, I’ll figure out later what they are for. A big thank you to all of my buyers and the amazing community which I’m proud being part of!


Congratulations, @WorldBeyond! Always inspiring to see these posts. Hope to hit that milestone myself someday!

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My congrats too @WorldBeyond!!!

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I know, especially when you see those authors that go elite in a couple of years… makes you work harder!

Thanks a lot, Anton!

Congratulations, Vladimir! :slight_smile:

I remember when you were featured author. I was just starting out and hadn’t even uploaded my first track yet! Your profile was one of the first I saw when I started :wink:

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Hahah, awesome! Now look at you, doing far better than me with two times more sales since then :wink:

Congrats, WorldBeyond! Now you looks confident and cool but don’t stop, you can do better! :sunglasses:


Thanks a lot, I’m working on it! :smiley:

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Congratulations WorldBeyond. Great progress on your music. However you really set a high goal to look as confident and cool as Dirtyflint :wink:

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Thank you! I think my problem has always been not setting the bar high enough.

Congratulations! You’ll soon hit 1000 I’m sure :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Nice work :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your words of encouragement!

Congrats :slight_smile: Good work!

@StudioEtude @beepcode I appreciate it, guys!

Congrats man! :smile:

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Hey, thanks! Awesome you dropped in!

congratulations! Good work!

Thanks, Diman!