400 Sales! Thanx a lot Envato!


Got me some new gear thanx to some very hard work, but without my customers and this community it couldn’t have happened!



Nice! Congrats!


Congrats!!! :wink:


Great work. Congratulations!


Congrats!!! invite me a coffee haha :smiley:


Congrats bro! got the same numbers day ago)


no buddy, all this would not have been possible without u work hard and do your best in order to make good items to choose from and without buyers get to realize that your work is good and buy your items indeed, so the first things to do is to thank yourself and buyers firstly , the whole of u are the starting point of all the good things that happened to u :slight_smile: happy for you , i wish u more sales, success and purchases thanks to your gains :wink:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Great job! Congrats!


Congrats…ChoclateFix!!! :slight_smile:


And enjoy your new gear, my NT-1 has seen a ton of use, really versatile mic!


Congratulations @ChoclateFix !


Cool! Congratulations and Good Luck!!! :wink:


Awesome! Congrats! Good luck with your future work!


yeah! well done :beers:


You guys are trully the best! That’s what i call a real community! Thank you and i wish you good health, luck and much success with your creations!


Congrats. You fixed it!


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Congrats bro, HS7 is nice choice i wish you tons of work on them!


Congratulations and Good Luck!