400 sales in first two months on AJ, am I dreaming? :D

And of course, thank you guys! :wink:

I agree that the rule is stupid especially as the search works how it works, but yeah, you should change them because eventually AJ will contact you and force you to change the names if you don’t do it in timely manner. However, you can just insert “The” in front of the name to keep it still corporate. Another option is “A” :smiley:

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Thank you man! I wish I knew about that rule earlier. I was actually thinking of that “The” trick, but maybe I’ll try somethig more artistic :slight_smile:

The good thing about The and A tricks are that it won’t mess the search. If you do much else, your tune won’t end up in the corporate search anymore.

My goodness, that’s amazing, congrats!! Home run on one of the first swings! And a terrific corporate track. Looking forward to see what u do next!

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Nope, one is called “Ukulele” and the other one is “Ukelele” :sunglasses:

About the naming of things in general, I’m personally finding it a bit tiresome, but I guess we all need to row in the same boat and go with the same set of rules. I’ve been advocating alternative search listings for a while, but I guess it’s easier said than done. Anyway, as long as the rules are clear and understood, it’s just about doing what everybody else is doing and focusing on making good tracks instead.

For some perspective… you have 3 items now and you already need to change a title. Imagine when you have 100 :sunglasses:


Congrats!!! : -)

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That’s right. I’ve listed a few more variants here:

Can’t use unique track titles = Running out of titles to use


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Whoa, that’s amazing!

Congratulations and good luck further on!

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Congratulations!!! :tada: Best wishes, MotionAudio ! :blush:

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Congrats, man!! Go to 1000 sales!!!

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I’ve listened to your tracks. They are just great! 400 hundred sales in 2 months - sounds really like a dream! My congratulations man, keep it up!

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Thank you guys, I wish you all the best too :wink:

Amazing work and amazing achievement!!! I applaud standing !!! image

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Michael!! It’s amazing. Obviously is a dream come true. I checked your work out and it’s INCREDIBLE. I started 1 month ago and I wasn’t that lucky. I would love to receive advice from you and anyone who read this. Michael, have you got any post explaining your gear, setup, tips, or something? It would be so helpful for me and for many people I supose.
Thank you and keep it up!! You are going to be the new TOP AUTHOR in AJ.

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Thank you so much guys! :smiley:

@PouringMusic I’m glad you asked that question, cause I’d love to share my thoughts. People have already asked me if there were some tricks, like I am a magician or a wizard. But I’m not. Unfortunately :smile: I’m just working extremely hard and this is probably the best advice/tip I can give you. It’s not actually an advice, but a description of my approach, which I think is pretty unique.

I try to be as objective as possible and I never settle for “good enough”. When I start working on a track, I record at least 3 to 5, often even 10 or 20 different ideas: melodies, rhythms, riffs, etc. Really rough ideas, sometimes similar, sometimes completely different. Then I come back later, or even the next day and I take a listen. I want to forget about recording those ideas and listen to them like I’m listening for the first time. Trying to put myself in a perspective of a listener, that’s the whole point. Then I can see which idea I really like the best and then I can start working on it. This part of process takes 1-3 days.

When I start recording, the approach remains the same. Trying many different sounds, instruments, effects etc. and then coming back later to take a fresh listen. Then I usually realize that “the kick is overwhelming”, “the lead sound is irritating”, “the melody is awful”, “the song doesn’t flow” or “where’s the hihat?” :smiley: And I never ignore those first impressions. I always work on every single problem, as long as it takes, until I think everything sounds great. Then I repeat the process and find more flaws, do some corrections and so on.

The bottom line is, it takes an awful lot of time! As well as energy and patience. I’m constantly criticizing my work. Some guys create two tracks in a single afternoon and I’m the one who’s working on a single track for a whole week. But that’s the way I am. This approach is definitely not for everybody. We are all different people with different personalities, life experience, etc. so everybody will eventually find their own way. But that doesn’t come overnight :smile: Just keep on working, be honest to yourself and results will come. I hope this was at least a tiny bit helpful. Cheers!


Very nice and inspiring achievement! Gives hope to work here in AJ :wink: I think the trick here is the same aestethics as the PR’s “Inspiring” -song, that has been top on the list for a long time. Some customers maybe want same kind of a song but a different one (because everyone else is bying the first one) - so very nicely adapted aestethics but still a original sounding song, and very well balanced in quality. And when it reaches the Top Sellers list, it creates a cumulative selling effect. Congrats! :clap:

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Michael! Awesome. Thanks for your advice. I’ll try that way. I work a little bit in your way. I’m too obsesive with my tracks and making it the best I can. So, I’m working hard the next days and hope to listen to new Michael_Starr tunes soon!! Cheers!

you hit the gold vein. well deserved, keep it up.