400+ music tracks added in one day.


Hi everyone is my fist post here,

Today was curious to know how many songs are added on a day to AudioJungle catalog. I’m really surprised because I counted more than 400 today mar 29. if I multiply by 365 the result is 146,000 in one year but in this moment the total music track in the catalog is 221000.
Does this mean that number of songs uploaded grown exponentially in recent months?

Can this mean that soon the market will be saturated and will not be possible to consider spend time and effort to produce royalty free music?

That can not really think


Did u count the music track only?or is it including Music Pack, Music Kits, Sound and SFX?
I think the only way you can survive in this market is regularly upload good quality track and make a branding for yourself :wink:


I´d count only music tracks but i don`t know if all days are the same or today is a exception.