4 themes in one theme

I want create the biggest ecommerce theme ever. 300 versions, but I want create 4 themes with 75 versions in one theme. WIll envato accept such a theme? It is allowed?

They would have to be 4 different items

That said this sounds counter productive…

  • buyers can only use one version on one site

  • no buyer will go through tens of versions which makes it harder to find what they want

  • there is no way that a theme which has that many options will be much more than just a reskinned version with some different products which means it won’t be able to compete with something intended for a specific purpose

Quite often a magnitude of versions can be very off putting and confusing



I think envato will not accept it because in this case your proposed 4 themes actually not 4 themes all are same theme mean same single Item. May be you mean 300 version is 300 different demos. If you check most top rated themes you will see they have many different demos.


If it is 4, separate versions, definitely will not be accepted. That’s defined as a “bundle” of Themes, and bundles are not accepted on ThemeForest. If you see any available for sale and report them they will be disabled until update to the correct single version standard.

Multiple versions are okay as long as they all rely on the same base code, for example, multiple theme styles, but 4 different, unique, individual, different coded, unrelated to one another themes will definitely be rejected.