4 rejected tracks recently... Feedback please?

Hello everyone!

I’ve got 4 rejected tracks recently, 3 music & 1 logo. My first assumption is because of the drums, mix & compression, but to be honest I’m really unsure of the reason of rejection. I really appreciate your feedback.

Here’s my first rejected track, Upbeat Fun.

What should I fix? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, the whole track sounds too MIDI, not realistic.

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Hey Siberuang!

Just a few random notes:

  1. The trumpet is present basically ALL along the piece. It would be musically healthy to pass on the melodic function to other sections. Chromatic percussion, plain acoustic piano and good old whistling work quite well in this genre.
  2. There’s WAY TOO MUCH going on melodically-wise (but also rythmically), IMO. That trumpet simply doesn’t take a break, except for those few bars in the bridge. Sometimes less is more, specially when you will probably have to play a VO over the track.
  3. The lead trumpet has some jazzistic incursions that are nice, but could be off-topic given the rigid simplicity of this style.

That said, I think the composition is really cool, and has a very fun and playful vibe. Perhaps after some tweaking you could re-upload it.

Best of luck!

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@ApolloSounds thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

@WormwoodMusic thank you so much for analyzing my track, I really appreciate it! Thanks for the instrument suggestion also.

I’m new to producing this kind of music, your notes are really valuable.

All the best! :clap:

This is another one of my track that has been rejected (I figured I’d just post these in 1 thread instead of creating a new one).

I’m a beginner in this genre, feedback & critiques are very appreciated :slight_smile:


I am entirely in phase with what @ApolloSounds and @WormwoodMusic already said, so I won’t repeat it here.

But I would add something else: at around 1:02, listening with headphones, at low volume, I nearly only hear the claps, and a very faint guitar… mixing should be reworked here I guess :slight_smile:
So nice ideas, but you should work a bit on the arrangement and the mixing. Good luck :slight_smile:

thank you for your feedback @frozenjazz! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to have bumped this thread again, I just want to ask for feedback to my other rejected tracks :slight_smile:

Again, I really appreciate all the criticism & feedback. I know I need to get better so I welcome all kinds of criticism :slight_smile: thanks everyone!