4 Months of Rejections Slump!! (Is My Music Horrible?) What am I doing wrong?

Hello, Happy new year to all, and hope everyone had a good Xmas!

I’m seeking help and in the need of it badly!
Being new here and I have been getting rejections after rejections after rejections!!
It’s pretty frustrating not just because I’m getting rejections but because it’s taking Audio jungle almost a month to just review my track and I get the same 2 email templates sent to me!
What happens to the review process being upgraded?!?!?!?
It’s taking them longer to review than they did before!!

I have had 3 tracks approve and I have no idea what to do because I was using them to reference because they got approved but, it’s clear it didn’t help!

Does Audio Jungle hate me? lol
Is my music that horrible?
What am I doing wrong?
going on 5th month of rejections and 4 months straight of nothing being approved!
These are just some things racing in my mind like wtf am I doing wrong!!
Were the 3 tracks approve a fluke??!?!?! lol

I submitted a jingle bell track and it took them a month to review and reject it on Christmas, knowing darn well it was going to get rejected because Christmas is here or passed! over 24 days it took them to review and reject it! Makes me wonder if they reviewed it early would it got rejected??
However, another library had reviewed 2 of my tracks and approved before AJ even rejected mine and also approved my jungle bell track!


The most frustrating part of this journey is, I’m really trying to grow my portfolio/ catalog and it surely is hard as heck when every track is getting rejected!
This is the most frustrating part of it all because I want to be a better author and contribute but it feels like I’m a cat or dog just chasing my own tail here! lol

I’m surely not trying to be negative or sound like I’m complaining!
Hopefully, this is not the message I’m conveying

I had an author jump down my throat because my prices were too low so I raised them and haven’t had any sales since then! I tried to explain to him that I’m new and due to hard times I just wanted to make my tracks affordable and reasonable! Also because being new here is not easy I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overpricing! I had no idea of price dumping or whatever that author was calling it!

These tracks have been approved on other libraries but been rejected by Audio Jungle!!
If anyone can advise me and critic I would really appreciate it!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and providing me help or any form of advice!
I appreciate it all and hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!
Thanks Again!

I think your tracks sound too much like “stand-alone” music tracks. I have a hard time imagining them under moving images because there is a lot going on.
Remember that media music needs to be supporting other elements. Your approved tracks have much more of that quality, more background-like.

Good luck.

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had an author jump down my throat because my prices were too low so I raised them

I’ll listen to your tracks when I have more time today… but right off the bat, NEVER let someone else tell you how to run your own business or what prices to set. It’s your product, you have the right to set whatever price you want.

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Thank you so much for providing this amazing feedback!! I really appreciate it!
If you have a chance can you elaborate on what you mean a lot of gong on?
I was always told to have movement and to keep adding element every 4-8 bars am
I doing too much??
When I don’t they say it’s not enough movement or something is missing
So basically keep it more simple? keep it like more of a background type music?
I hope you don’t mind the questions I just want to learn badly so I can keep this in mind for the next tracks I submit.
too many instruments?
Or too many transitions and effects?
Should I back off on layering the instruments or back off on the effects?
again I really appreciate this amazing feedback!! I’m so grateful you took the time to provide this!
Thanks again and have a great Friday!

Do you have any good music examples? this might help me out a bit

Thank you!
I didn’t mean it in that way!
Basically I was taking advice because I figure it was the correct thing to due!

Trust me I run a very successful eBay and amazon business for over a decade from home and taught many to do the same and now its all automated so I can focus on the music more!
So trust me no one tells me how to run my business!!
I thought it was great advise as they said not to sell myself short and my music is decent enough to not sell it for $5 Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well,

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to reply, much appreciated and hope your day was well and enjoy the weekend!

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I think your approved tracks are the best example. They are more laid back, they give more space for other elements.
You could try to put your music under existing corporate videos or commercials, see what works. I tend to say it’s more about emotions rather than technical things.
The tracks on your soundcloud sound more like something that you would hear as stand-alone music tracks on radio.
A lot of customers look for a nice background track or intro or something to enhance an emotion that is already present in their moving images. Try getting in the mind of the customer.


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Can I just give you a virtual high five!!
You made my day and Friday and weekend!
Thank you so much for elaborating I was like a kid before Christmas waiting for your reply lol
the video or commercial thing helps big time
I understand what you are saying and so appreciated you taking the time to explain!
Thanks again!

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