4$ item sold for 1$ ?? something is wrong



hi all, one of my items on 3d ocean cost 4 dollars, i earned 0.62 dollar on it !!!
someone from Greece bought it, so no fees i think, i should earn 2$ !!!
it’s so weird that the invoice is showing the item cost 1$, what is going on ? can anyone help ???

and i think this item was already sold(i think i don’t remembre) and it’s showing 1 sale, and when i click on the item from statements page it say this item not found “The item you’re looking for has moved” …!!! item still exist


i just clicked to change item price from 4$ to higher number, i found out that item price was 1$ and buyer fees are 3$ !!
please tell me that this is only on 3docean ???


This [edited by moderator] annoys me very much as well. I contacted the support and they explained about the new author driven pricing. Now they have this kind of fees like 3$ for 3d models, 2$ for textures,etc The thing is if before we were getting something like 50% and up, now they are taking a big chunk of our money. I also have items that are 4-5$, before I was getting 2$ after each sale, now is not even 1$. My profit fell down quite considerably because of that. And if I rise the price to get roughly the same amount as before I have less sales so I still lose. I am #17 on top authors on 3DOcean.
Really thinking of going to another marketplace. It’s not only envato out there.:rage:


exactly mate ! it’s so weird i just found out it is 3$ author fees on 3docean !!!

i don’t work so much on envato because of the lag on my computer, now i’m building new computer and one of my main goals is to be in top authors on 3docean, But this thing is not encouraging at all !!!

3 $ fees is Sooooooo much, i never earned 0.62 dollar on envato this is why i opened this topic i thought it’s a glitch or something …

really looking forward to change those fees, because 3d items can be small and you can’t put like 20$ for a bottle 3d model or any simple one, nobody is going to buy it !!!


Even if you would be number 1 in the top authors list I will still ask you to abide by the community guidelines and keep your language professional and not curse. You’re always free to leave if you don’t wish to stay but on each item, when you click edit, and you set the price you get a small text that says “How much do I earn?” I believe clicking that would be much easier than cursing around the forums.

Sorry to put things this rough, but language like this is not tolerated here or to be quite honest on any marketplace. We’re here to help and answer all your questions, but we’re doing so courteously, so we ask the same thing of you. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Also, if the buyer fee in your case is 4$ you can gladly go ahead and use my tool to calculate the exact amount you’ll get.

Cheers and thank you! :slight_smile:


This is due to the buyer fee that is set on your items. Check to see what the buyer fee is for your item ( open any item of yours, click the edit button, click update description, and see where it says “Set your Price” ) and increase the amount your item costs now with the buyer fee.

For example. Your Price + Buyer Fee = Total Price. 1$ + 3$ = 4$ (4$ being the price shown)

My numbers are just examples. Check your item edit page to see exactly.


thanks Enabled, and sorry on behalf of Luckhyfox for the word he used, he is just angry like me …

however i just discovered that 3$ fee is on 3dOcean, this is so annoying since 3d models as i said could be only 2$ depending on the complexity of the model, i really suggest to change those fees …



I understand your frustration guys, but cursing won’t do anything but attract more negative arguments that in result will bring absolutely no end to the situation.

Increase your original price by 3$ and you’re sales won’t be affected. When they added this to ThemeForest I increased my prices with the buyer fee and I didn’t see any drop in sales. It’s the only way you can earn the same amount / sale after the buyer fee is added.

Cheers guys! :slight_smile:


cheers mate


I’m raising the price. Because it does not profit. Sometimes I’ve sell items 5$, but I cannot earn 1$


me too, i did that, i raised the price of multiple of my items on 3docean