3th "Soft Reject" Multi Purpose Wordpress Theme

Hi All!

Here is the message from the last reviewer!

Overall, this is a good concept but there are a couple issues here:

Minimal templates can be clean and simple when you manage to handle the white space and details to provide a simple but yet unique template. But if you can’t, it will look like an incomplete template – blank template.

What shall I do?

Many thanks

I’m not a design expert, but can somebody please tell my why there are so many “scroll down” kind of websites with HUGE Pictures and little text in it?
I can see it’s use for mobile platforms, but it is just bad to navigate, doesn’t look organized (“everything on one page approach”). At least this one got a navigation bar all time visible.
Also, those huge pictures look like they need to compensate for no content.

Nothing against your work tho, I was just wondering.

Hi Widekeys!

About “Scroll down” there exist a study about this. Users prefer to scroll down a page instead of clicking on other one. Why? clicking a page require some waiting time and all those type of issue. And my opinion about this is that I prefer to scroll down a page instead of clicking on other one.

Let’s imagine that I’m reading a long post and that article is divided in 5 parts. Clicking on page 2, 3 and waiting for the text and images to appear I’m losing the idea of the article. That’s why I prefer scroll down.

It’s hard to say what to change … I always hate that kind of auto reject. But overall I got feeling ( default theme ) that every section is not finished … and I won’t tell You why exackly :slight_smile:

One tip I can tell from what I see … You have “main” title for section , then small icon and second title … because of this icon You create to much of blank space … but changing this is not enought of course .

Thank you for clarifying!
I can see your point when talking about content that greatly depends on other content on the same page.
However, does the study also include tests regarding contextually unlinked content?

I personally prefer good organized sites where little scrolling is involved to navigate to the importent places.
That’s the reason I haven’t yet bought a templete from Themeforest :smiley: Every time I do a search, I end up with those (sorry, just my opinion) “Pseudo Modern” scrolling pages.

Good luck with your theme btw.

Hi WordicaThemes!

I’m working on this theme since September 2015 and on December 16, 2015 I submitted for the first time. It contains the most advanced theme panel I have ever seen on the market. I will try to put my eye working again on the demos to make them perfectly … Even I have new themes comming soon with great ideas. One of those themes is for a niche which until now contains no themes.

But I need this theme approved :frowning:

Maybe you should redesign the components that you have inspired it :slightly_smiling:
Example :

Its too easy to recognize, this will make reviewers not accept your item. Good luck ! :slightly_smiling:

It probably doesn’t help to have your main demo landing page look so similar to another popular item even in using the same words - http://cl.ly/200U2o1G0W3j vs http://cl.ly/3U2B3q3p2f3X (“a timeless classic”). It makes people wonder if you guys even developed the theme yourselves :frowning: I’m not saying there aren’t similarities between items on the marketplace, because there are…but this seems a bit to much?

Just something to think about.