3rd Time Rejected my Theme


I am upload new landing page theme it also rejected can any help me what is the reason.



Your design is really awesome. I want to purchase it.

It’s not a Landing Page … more something like coming soon page …

Second - top icons are very low quality - why You don’t use FontAwesome ? Colors of this buttons “blue-green” doesn’t fit to black and white photos …

Typography … You need to learn about it

It’s not responsive …

Overall, this is for sure not ready for sale. You know what You want to do, but You need more experience

+1 to what @WordicaThemes says.

You have a very small item so everything has to be perfect to deliver ‘premium’ quality.

Responsiveness is not a ‘requirement’ but you will have a lot of buyers questioning the file if it is not there.

All about, contact etc. looks pretty much the same

The actual layout/concept is not bad but you just need to work on the delivery and execution

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[Removed - selling items not allowed in forums]


Now i am convert social icons in to font-awesome any other changes require.