3rd party plugins and authors

Hi, brand new guy here, and I couldn’t find an answer in the Author Terms. Can we include free 3rd party plugins in our projects and templates? If not, can we refer the user to download the free plugin in the instructions? Thanks!

As long as as they are free or you have the valid license to re-sell, that’s fine. You can include plugins but if you could be more specific about, would be better. You’re talking about templates but was it for VideoHive?

Yeah, so After Effects and Cinema 4D templates (if Envato supports Cinema 4D?) I was wondering about the MagicBook plugin. I know this would come up over and over in the future though.

Sorry, I do have not much experience at VH. Hope someone else could help

Plugins are under software licenses and the answer is yes, if the plugin under Public Domain license or GPL license.
The problem is definitely what’s license of the plugin. Normally, you can see the license file as a text file goes with the installer or check it after installed in About.
But sometimes. Example: Saber plugin on Videocopilot. They said 100% free, but I can’t find the license of it, then I think this plugin is free to use and isn’t free for sale.
So, we are designers not lawyers or developers. I think you should provide download link instead of including the plugins if you don’t understand all software licenses.

Thanks! It sounds like fair play to have users download plugins then. Thanks for the answer.