3meters x 15 meters screen After effects

hello to everyone,
3 meters to 15 meters in the screen I wanted to make slideshow. What measures should I enter after after effects?

Pls Help me…

Any constrained multiples of 3 and 15. So while you could make it 3 pixels wide by 15 pixels tall (although I’m assuming it’s the other way around?), you’re more likely to want to go with the resolution of the actual screen the slideshow will be displayed on. So if it is 3x15 rather than 15x3, and the horizontal pixel count is 3840… then you want the vertical pixel count to be 19,200. Almost 9 4K screens stacked on top of one another.

depend on what media you use, LED or Projectors? than you can know the resolution, but basically like @SpaceStockFootage said.


Total resolution of this led is about 9K, but i only use Full HD content in here, because the audience is not to close to LED and the Full HD resolution is good enough to see.