3Ddym - Exceeded 5000 sales on Videohive!

WOW it’s great to achieve 5000 sales on videohive. So I just need to tell about something about us :slight_smile:

3Ddym was formed in 2012, after I resigned from my position working in a local TV station. Forming a company all by myself and depending on an online marketplace as my sole source of income was one of the scariest as well as the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Today, 3Ddym is in a very exciting place with 3 fulltime employees and many freelancers in our team. All this was made possible thanks to Videohive. As a company we faced many ups and downs within the last five years but we have been able to move forward overcoming all our obstacles. We have not only reached many milestones on Videohive but we have also started working with various clients from China, USA, Canada, Dubai etc… giving us a chance to explore new markets globally. All this was made possible due to the opportunities we got from Envato to showcase our work on an international platform.

Thank you to team Envato for helping and guiding the 3Ddym team to come this far, we hope you continue this kick ass work for many more years!

High five to all the fellow authors for all your feedback and motivation, which helped us to reach this milestone!

Cheers to another 5000! :slight_smile: :+1:


WoW! Really amazing achievement!!
Congrats! :birthday::champagne::blush:

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Congratulation @3Ddym :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! :champagne: :champagne:

Awesome portfolio, congratulations.

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Congratulation @3Ddym :tada:

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Congratulation @3Ddym!!! Good luck for more sales!!!

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Wow !!! Congrats 3Ddym :slight_smile:

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