3D stroke is missing


Hi guys,

At work I was making something and I was using 3D stroke for that project. When I come home to try to make something with that plug in I can’t find it on my computer. Only normal stroke is available in my effects pannel. So do you know where I can download that 3D stroke plug in. It’s not 3D stroke from Trapcode.


Hi nemanja_reMAKE,

go to www.redgiantsoftware.com

:slight_smile: maupa

nemanja_reMAKE said

It’s not 3D stroke from Trapcode.

He doesn't want the trapcode 3d stroke plugin. He is searching for another plugin. Sorry but I never heard something about 3D Stroke.


Me either… Are you sure it isn’t Trapcode 3D stroke?


My mistake :slight_smile: There is no other 3D stroke it was 3D stroke from redgiant :smiley:


That was also my opinion! I’m happy that you find the rigth plugin!
:slight_smile: maupa