3D Product Box Shot PSD/AI Mockup?


I have about 6-7 product-boxes that are of different sizes (length/height/depth), and I’m looking for a way to create these in Photoshop. I tried 2 different free alternatives in photoshop, and both only allowed software boxes, and not what I required. So I used an open source tool to create these boxes for now, but it doesn’t enhance the quality of the design as much as the mockups available on graphicriver do… So I thought I’ll add a request here…

Normally, the present available mockups allow the user to only replace the image or run an action on their design for generating the mockups. I’ve thought of an easier way to handle the dimensions by taking user-input for each dimension!

For example:

  1. User opens the psd file, and double-clicks the smart layer to add their own design. They may change the canvas size to meet the dimensions of their desired box in this smart-layer object.
  2. User saves the smart layer once edited, and then returns to the original psd where the box is visible in 3D.
  3. He does this for the side too, and if possible for the top/bottom too (if top/bottom options are added to the mockup by the graphicriver-designer.
  4. Once all done, he runs an action in photoshop that prompts the user for input of "Length/Height/Depth" of the box.
  5. After done the actions performs the following things: The action resizes the shadow and reflection layers of front/side/etc according to the dimensions. This can be done via a photoshop script or some % way of resizing in Photoshop Action recording. There might be an alogarithm for how the boxes shadows and reflections etc are being matched to any given size.
  6. Once the action completes. Resulting file could be what the user requires!
So the only thing that is required is this action to take input and modify the dimensions as per the input. Apart from that, the mockups are nice, but mostly available for software boxes!

Thanks for any help.