3D Photo Template


I just bought the 3D Photo Template but i dont know how to use it.
Can anyone help me understand how this template works?
The download got a psd file and a text file, the text file is 0kb and just an empty textdocument.
I’ve got Photoshop CS6.


There’s quite a few different 3D Photo Templates on GraphicRiver, so it;s hard to know which one you mean…

However, your first port of call when you experience any issues with your item, should be the item page itself. There you can see if there are any support details, leave a comment for the author, or visit their profile page and send them a message. They’re going to be the best person to advise. Good luck!


hmm yes i see now :slight_smile: This is the template:

Thank you for the info, i will contact the author.