3D modeling for VC Element

Need project assistance on creating a fairly basic 3D model for use in AE using the Element plugin. I purchased a model online, but edges are glitched and materials don’t work quite as easily once in Element. I am new to using Element and need freelance help to push this project along. The model is a toy house that basically will change from wood to plastic or another custom texture/material. Scope of work is: 1. 3D modeling: either editing an existing model to get it up to spec. Or, explore creating something from the ground up.
2. Assistance in lighting and texture setup in AE+Element. We will be compositing the model into a live-action video scene. Need to make it real as possible using the toolset of AE and Element.

Deadline would be over the course of the next two weeks. First need to field some estimates to see about costs. Contact me directly with any questions to help on bid.

Thank you

hi i can help you , this is my showreel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cCOsiNE68c
i love use element 3d and cinema 4d , if you want professional help i can :smile:

Could you provide me an estimate on what it would cost you to modify an existing 3D model and make it fully compatible with Video Copilot Element?

Looking for a dog house:

The ending animation would require that it basically turns from natural materials (wood surfaces) to a stone surface.


Of course, I will modify it to after effects - in e3d format, and I will give you 3 scenes.
1st scene is will link you shared (modified to element) . With matte shadow options of course. (50$)
2nd scene I will create : with stone texture and with matte shadow /reflection - 25$ (because I will just change textures from 1st scene)
3th scene I’ll do is the morf scene from wood texture to stone texture, - 25$
And after all I can create “how to use and how to compose with real footage tutorial” cost - 25$
This is my email address : monproduction@gmail.com