3d mockup

Good morning since a 3d mockup that I presented has been refused, I would like to know which standards it has not met (I assure you that the PSDs are of the highest quality and with many functions)

hi for me the thing is that there are many shadows that are not properly done and look inverted and thus nit really realistic to say the least … i also tend to believe that the perspective is an issue too … as this quite frankly if he item looks good, this is no always letting people see much of the design , what i mean by this is that your mockup is more likely to sell your mockup rather than what is being displayed inside LOL bt more seriously , this is a problem when it comes to either the efficiency of your item and also for its commercial potential indeed

thanks for the constructive criticism. To our excuse we can only say that the images in the preview are very cut :slight_smile: