3D Earth Connections After Effects script template - adjusting lighting?

Using 3D Earth Connections. I’m using Earth Style “4” (vector earth, not any kind pf photoreal or sketch/shaded look). I am noticing that the shaded lighting cannot be disabled (as far as I can tell).

The globe has shading on it that I do not want. I’d like for it to be as close to a solid color as possible, but there are 2 light sources that cast strong specular highlights on the globe and also have shadow “lines” that create strong light/dark boundaries on the surface.

Is there a way to smooth out the lights, or to create a single ambient light, or disable the lights for a more “solid color” look?

Screen Grab: https://i.imgur.com/kALlCUW.png

After some digging around in the AE comp (in the “Do not touch!” folder), I found some hidden settings for lights and other things. I was able to balance the image a lot better, it looks good now. Thanks all!