3Clicks Theme - not scrolling on Chrome

Hey, we have a client running WordPress 4.0.1 running 3clicks Theme and the scroll function isn’t working with Chrome. Is there a patch for this?



Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


Okay will do thanks.

Hi, I also have problem with scrolling in Chrome. But my support license expired ![:)](upload://6xPFbAzWKQJ6tOW5HqR6Er4ZiTx.png How can I fix this bug? When will be theme fixed?

Hi @Victor589 ,

You can get touch with Expert programmer from Envato Studio they will solved your issue.


Hey Victor, the advice we were given from the authors of our theme was to upgrade the theme to the latest version, which has the patch for the Chrome scrolling error. We haven’t implemented it yet, so can’t confirm it works yet.

Hope that helps!