3750 Audiojungle

hi all . today I passed the first bar at $ 3750 total sales. How to calculate my profit now ?

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Hi @Star_ik 51% from the next sale, if I’m not mistaken. From the track at $ 19: 19:100x51 = $ 9.69

where is it written ? can’t find

Congratulation @Star_ik.
Here you can find more infos:



there is written about 36 % . And he told me pishit about 51 % . On this background I feel not quite comfortable. Whether we’re idiots . Whether we are too smart . How to understand this ? We have all these years been driving around the finger ?

It’s complicated. Especially as I’m in the pub. Will explain tomorrow… but it’s all right!


wow! it’s a big number!! congrats!