30 sales after 2 weeks



Today I reached 30 sales! And have first time withdraw money :). I want to say thank to our customer who buy our theme and Envato!

I hope can reach more milestone in future: 300 sales, 3000 sales :slight_smile:


Congrats Jan! Keep up the good work and Iā€™m sure you will reach your next milestones.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Good work!) Congrats!)


Congrats :smiley:


congrats! my theme got only 3 sale after 1 month :wink: haha


Thank you!


Keep walking you will get more :blush:


Thanks you!


Congratulations mate :slight_smile: Best of luck to you and all other member for more sales :slight_smile:


Thank you! Wish you and all other author have more sales too :slight_smile:


Congratulations with excellent start!


Thank you!


Good work mate :wink:


Congrats! :slight_smile: Wish you more to come!


Thank mate!


Thank mate! Wish you and all other author have more sales :slight_smile:


Wonderful theme you have! Organic shop is lovely! As well as a fashion :slight_smile: I would definitely buy something from that kind of webshop!


Awesome, congrats!


Thank for your kind words, waiting for your purchase :slight_smile: