3 Ways to Improve Your Buy Now Button Link on Item's Landing Page

We all do have our plugins and themes landing pages with Buy Now Link that goes to the item page with referral link like this : https://codecanyon.net/item/mobi-mobile-first-wordpress-responsive-navigation-menu-plugin/8782504?ref=phpbits

In this article, I would love to share some of the other available links that I’ve found out from other Elite Authors from the Slack group.

Add to Cart Selection + 12 months Support + Referral

The first one is what I’ve been using on my landing pages ( e.g Floatton ) : a link to Add to Cart Page with automatic selection of 12 months support so you can add ‘1 year Support’ on your item description. Below is the link, just change the item ID and the referral username:


Thanks to @tielabs for sharing this technique.

Direct Item Checkout Link + 12 months Support + Referral

This one, shared by @parallelus, enables you to direct the buyers to the checkout page with extended support and referral link:


Multiple Items on Single Link + Referral

This one is from @dtbaker. It enables you to automatically configure multiple items on a cart with referral link though you can’t add 12 months support, but this one is very useful for bundling your items on the cart.


That’s all :wink: If you have any other techniques, please don’t hesitate to share via comments. Thanks!



Thanks, mate! I’ve dreamed about that when redirecting traffic from demo / referral site directly to ThemeForest checkout instead to Product’s Item.


No problem :slight_smile: Now you can definitely have it + more options to choose from :wink:


Awesome stuff man. Thanks for putting all these options together in a post :smiley:

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No problem :wink: Thank you too for sharing the multiple items on cart option :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks to all the authors for sharing this valuable info. :heart_eyes:

Thanks @phpbits . The second one is what I was looking for. Thank you @Parallelus for finding this :slight_smile:


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Good job! In bookmarks

Is there a direct link option to renew support if the buyer has already purchased the item?

first one is good but second one is bit tricky,
i’m afraid people will think we are cheating as it doesn’t allow you set back to 6months support.

I would love to hear experience of using second one.

Wow!!! Very interesting information!! Thanks for sharing, mate!! :slight_smile:

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